Jens Weidman

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The future of Europe will be a struggle between the North and the South. Pictured Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi. Photograph: Silas Stein/POOL/AFP

While we are still convulsed over Phil Hogan, the EU has moved on. This week, the powerful head of the German Bundesbank, Jens Weidman, sought to refr(...)

Greek presidential guards in Athens. At issue again is the cohesion of the euro zone, and whether Germany, and a majority of the 19-member Eurogroup, are willing to countenance a Greek exit. Photograph: Reuters

Almost four weeks after Alexis Tsipras swept to power in the Greek elections, Greece and its international creditors remain locked in a game of high-s(...)

ECB president Mario Draghi: his move has been widely credited with calming sovereign debt markets, even though the plan to buy the debt of euro zone countries has never been deployed

German opposition to the European Central Bank’s bond-buying programme known as the outright monetary transaction (OMT) will be thrashed out today dur(...)

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi calls for “a light easing of the euro zone’s restrictive economic policies”. Photograph: Remo Casilli/Reuters

The political battle over the leadership of the European Commission promises to dominate the two-day summit of European Union leaders, which begins to(...)