Launching the novel ‘Teethmarks on My Tongue’, Prof Jenny Williams (left with author) said it was a special writer who could cross  “shark-infested waters” between being a literary critic and a novelist.  Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Irish Times literary correspondent Eileen Battersby has launched her first novel Teethmarks on My Tongue. The book tells the story of an American t(...)

Jenny Williams: the Dublin-based academic explored Hans Fallada’s life and motivations  in an outstanding biography, More Lives Than One, which was published in 1998 and in a revised edition drawing on additional material in 2012. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

This is the background story to the writing and eventual publication of Hans Fallada’s A Stranger in My Own Country (Polity), a memoir of life in Nazi(...)

Iron Gustav is the story of one man, but it is also a vivid, atmospheric portrait of Berlin, showing how the war affected its citizens. Photograph: Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Gustav Hackendahl, former soldier and now employer, is a domestic tyrant. He runs his home in much the same way as he directs the daily routine in (...)