Brian Tranter at his market stall in Dudley. He remembers a time when “you could leave one job in the morning, and have another in the afternoon”. Photograph: Jennifer O’Connell

The town of Dudley is at the heart of Britain’s Black Country, a once wealthy, industrialised swathe of the West Midlands that counts the world’s firs(...)

Old-school cooking: Rosa makes Marguerite Patten’s baked egg custard

Anyone lucky enough to own a copy of Full and Plenty, Maura Laverty’s classic cookbook, won’t need to be told it is no mere collection of recipes. It’(...)

Young woman examining her skin while looking herself in a mirror at her bathroom.

The TV was on in the background carrying a report about the train delays at Heuston station. A tired, and slightly harassed-looking, middle-aged woman(...)

Maximum intoxication at minimum speed was the goal. Photograph: Getty

As I’m in the final, halcyon days before teenagers stomp into my life, I only recently encountered the concept of “predrinking”. Bear with me if you’(...)

A recent report in Nature  suggests adopting a flexitarian diet and cutting down to just one portion of red meat a week.

I’m 24 hours into my experiment in veganism when I make my first mistake. I reach into my bag and mindlessly grab a Triple X mint. Only after I’ve eat(...)