What makes a beautiful woman? Art and science have debated this since art and science began. Is it symmetry? Scent? The distance between her eyes? Som(...)

Women draw tickets during the Irish Hospitals Sweep Hurdle draw (sweepstakes) at Ballsbridge in Dublin in January 1986.Photograph: Paddy Whelan

Margaret Thatcher told Peter Mandelson “you can’t trust the Irish; they’re all liars”. That was a bit harsh, maybe. But we’re certainly not above the (...)

His large face was mesmerising and his Mona Lisa-like smile seemed to draw more and more information from me. I began to feel self-conscious.

Recently I was minding my own business in a local wine bar when an enigmatic stranger appeared beside me. He had an open face, a wide smile and a slig(...)

Bosca Brexit: the best of Ireland

The British government has revealed it is making plans to stockpile food and drugs in the event it crashes out of Brexit on March 29th without a deal,(...)

Jennifer O’Connell: how can two working parents survive the kids’ summer holidays? Photograph: Getty

We recently took our first real, full-length family holiday in five years. By real and full-length, I mean not the kind of American-style vacation we (...)

“Not this month anyway.” Those were the words with which Kevin’s wife, Kate*, let him know that he wasn’t going to become a father. Not yet. It becam(...)

Don’t touch that dial: Irish radio ads  do such a terrible job of re-creating natural-sounding dialogue that they make for mesmerising listening. Photograph: E+/Getty

If you have tuned into the radio over the last few weeks, chances are you have heard the new Axa spot doing the rounds on the airwaves. If you’re draw(...)

RIP: I see a death notice as proof that a person was loved and valued. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Picture the scene. You wander into the kitchen and ask something mundane, like, “Do we have cornflakes in the press?” Your mother glares at you as tho(...)

On Twitter, there is an urgent flurry of tweets every time the mercury nudges closer to 30 degrees. Someone starts the usual calls to restore the Wibbly Wobbly Wonder to its rightful place in the canon of HB’s greatest hits.

There isn’t a builder in the country with a T-shirt on. The tarmac is running in great rivers down the roads. It’s so hot, the hipsters are considerin(...)

All of these lists and biz psych books, like so much of our corporate culture, are predicated on the same definition of a life well lived as a life spent in relentless pursuit of some other state.

There’s a type of list very popular on the internet at the moment. It’s a list that promises, often in 280 characters or less, to make you a better, m(...)

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