It is the last week of the federal election campaign in Australia, not that you’d ever know it. The lamp posts are free of posters; there are no canva(...)

Dear internet. Pick your dirty laundry up off the floor, wipe that scowl off your face and start behaving like a civilised network of users. It’s time(...)

Proof positive, if any were needed, that the moral panic about paedophilia has reached absurd levels came last week, when the writer, Will Self, was q(...)

The bright new dawn of the digital era is over. Social media is no longer a shining beacon for a new way of communicating; instead it has become a mur(...)

On behalf of the media I’d like to apologise. For quite some time we have been working on the assumption that whenever you heard the word “period” you(...)

I was at the beach when I got the call from my friend, S. “I’ve just spotted two very nice chrome-and-leather bar stools that might work in you(...)

Somewhere in between the act of me writing this and you reading it, I will have packed a suitcase for me and one for each of my children, handed over (...)

Temple Bar

This year, I will celebrate my 20th year as an adoptive Dubliner. In that time, apart from a brief fling I had with Paris, we have barely been apart. (...)

Dazzling view: In Sydney the sunshine is plentiful and free but house prices are eye-watering, gasp-inducing, astronomical – and increasing.

I’m house-hunting again. That’s not a sentence I thought I’d write any time soon, particularly not as the last time I was house-hunting was in 2007. (...)

Comedy stalwart: Lena Dunham (second  right) with Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke from her series Girls. Photograph: Chad Batka/New York Times

"This is going to be another of those ‘are women funny?’ pieces, isn’t it?” That’s the first thing everyone I called for this article wanted to kno(...)

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