Job done:  PJ Gallagher and Jennifer Byrne and Michal Dachowski of Woodie’s

You may be familiar with the standard retort of the slow, ponderous labourer: “Do you want it done well, or do you want it done quickly?” Now comes a (...)

Brianna Parkins as the Sydney Rose in 2016. Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

Journalist Brianna Parkins, the former Sydney Rose, has said that she would like to return to Ireland to help campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment (...)

The new Rose of Tralee Jennifer Byrne from Offaly celebrates at the Midnight Madness party in Tralee on Tuesday night .Photograph:  Domnick Walsh

The newly crowned Rose of Tralee Jennifer Byrne has said “there’s nothing outdated” about the competition as she began her first day in the role. The(...)

 The new Rose of Tralee Jennifer Byrne from Offaly celebrates her win with the also ran   Roses. Photograph: Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus

Well you can’t expect things to change overnight. Sadly no rose ambles on stage to breathlessly tell Daithí Ó Sé how she failed her Leaving Cert twice(...)

In evidence, Jennifer Byrne said that when her daughter Abigail was born, she thought her  head was misshapen. The baby had a tiny mark from the forceps but she was reassured the damage was all on the outside of her head, Ms Byrne said.  File photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

A young girl has been left with a permanent scar on her forehead after an elasticated type bandage was left on her head for 30 hours after her birth a(...)

 Rent is the biggest ongoing cost for students. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Suddenly there are bills. The presses are empty and no one seems to be filling them. What’s going on? Learning to manage money takes skill. Col(...)