Jennie Offill

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Sometimes short books leave a long lasting impression. Take Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss, Carys Davies’ West, Dept of Speculation by Jennie Offill, all of(...)

Andrews grew up in Sunderland and has been published by the Independent, Somesuch Stories, AnOther, Caught by the River, Shabby Doll House and Papaya Press

 Jessica Andrews’ debut novel Saltwater is, much like its title, fluid, crisp and bracing. Quietly experimental in form – short numbered snippets(...)

Paula Cocozza: “From Mary’s belief that the animal is flirting – ‘He had winked at her!’ – to her vivid descriptions of his coat and muzzle, Cocozza’s blurring of the animal and human worlds is seamless.”

Why be happy when you could be normal? It’s a great question and an even better title, as chosen by Jeanette Winterson for her acclaimed memoir on gro(...)

It takes a skilled writer to turn a boring subject into interesting fiction. The process of looking for work, as anyone who has been out of a job for(...)

They don’t call it the service industry for nothing. In a fine-dining Dallas steakhouse where 21-year-old Marie Young earns up to $700 a shift in tip(...)