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A matter of taste: prawn-head smoothies in a Domestic Godless installation

Ten years ago, when Radisson launched a new hotel on Golden Lane in Dublin, the centrepiece of the opening was the opportunity to go “sky dining”. Str(...)

Philip McDonald in Foyle Punt: “They say bigger’s better... Stick with what you know.” Photograph: Donal Glackin

Foyle Punt ★★★★ Rosses Point, Sligo One of the refrains we find ourselves singing during Foyle Punt, a charming promenade performance inspired by the(...)

There’s a delicious sense of tradition at Christmas on the Square, when many of the grand Georgian Houses on Dublin’s Merrion Square open up to the(...)

Jaynie Munroe with the Jamaican jerk marinades made in Ireland by her father, Alistan

Jamaican JerkAlistan Munroe’s family left Jamaica in the 1960s, but they brought with them their family recipe for jerk seasoning – a hot, sweet, frag(...)