Niamh Friel: “I didn’t fully appreciate how important communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork are in the working world.”

What/where did you study? When did you graduate? I graduated with a BCL from NUIG in 2015 and then completed a part-time, three-year MSc in Managemen(...)

Kate Forde: “Being part of a graduate programme does open up a huge amount of opportunities.”

What/where did you study, and when did you graduate? I spent four years in UCC studying food marketing and entrepreneurship. I graduated and joined t(...)

Sixty-five per cent of law graduates are women, yet this number drops immediately as soon as women begin to work

With 77 per cent of women aged between 25 and 54 employed outside of the home in 2018, a record number of women are now part of the Irish workforce. (...)

Bianca Terrell with colleagues at The Central Bank: “The Central Bank of Ireland’s graduate programme involves three rotations to different teams over three years, so it is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of different roles and find where you feel you can best utilise your skills.”

What/where did you study, and when did you graduate? I completed a BSc in statistics at UCD and graduated in 2018. What attracted you to your curren(...)

It was Grad Week at The Irish Times this week. We examined topics ranging from the jump from academia to the working world to what it is that graduate(...)

In addition to the traditional soft skills and competencies that employers seek – such as communication, leadership, and teamwork skills – there is an increasing emphasis on newer intangible skills, such as ‘design thinking’. Photograph: iStock

For a recent graduate, the move from academic to professional life can be daunting. A nine-to-five lifestyle is a far cry from college days, and can b(...)

Competency-based interviews involve giving examples of past experience to illustrate how suitable you are for a particular position. Photograph: iStock

Over the past decade or so, a pattern has emerged in the world of interviewing, whereby competency-based interviews have become the norm. Competency-b(...)

 Polling station signage in Rathmines, Dublin. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

While thousands of young people have been deeply involved on both sides of the abortion referendum campaign over the last month, large numbers of youn(...)

Photograph: iStockphoto

On my graduation day last November, I was ushered into the exam hall of Trinity College Dublin, and pointed towards a seat with my name on it. On that(...)

Ruth Monahan of Appassionata Flowers. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The phrase “Christmas tree” conjures images of a lush, green tree, decorated with bountiful tinsel, baubles and twinkling lights. However, for Ruth (...)

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