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There’s been a surge of artists revisiting their music and reinterpreting the arrangements; from Jeff Tweedy’s sombre approach towards Wilco’s sprawli(...)

Tradfest: sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer's debut Irish performance is on Sunday at Dublin Castle

Saturday Jan 27 Tradfest 2018 Saturday, January 27th and Sunday 28th, various venues in Dublin city centre The annual Tradfest continues this week wi(...)

Morrissey: bed-bound. Photograph: Savenok/Getty Images for Firefly/AFP

BJÖRK The Gate **** If Björk’s 2015 album, Vulnicura, dealt with themes of heartbreak, following the dissolution of her 13-year relationship with (...)

Jeff Tweedy has proven himself a prolific songwriter over the years, so it’s a bit puzzling why the Wilco man has decided to release an album that tra(...)

Joan Shelley has an orphic quality all her own, a pristine, bucolic cool, that lights up her songs of harmonious reflection.

Joan Shelley is about to head to Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a happy heart. “It’s a lovely spring, we’re opening for Richard Thompson, so it’s like(...)

 Van Morrison with members of The Monarchs at Hollywood Yacht Club  on March 25th 2017, where he played with the band after a break of 54 years.

Few of those who turned up to last weekend’s charity gig at the Holywood Yacht Club outside Belfast expected to witness a piece of rock’n’roll history(...)

Musician Adrian Crowley and his daughter Alice (6) at home in Northstrand, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The trials of parenthood have been well documented – the years of penury, the torturous sleep deprivation, the scatological mayhem. But an overlooked (...)

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig: “You have an endless amount of time for your first record, because nobody’s expecting anything”

So you think you know what a perfect opening line is? Try this one: “I had a dream where you were standing there with a gun up to my head / You were (...)

Bill Fay’s 2012 emergence from the shadows was something to relish. A songwriter of the classic stripe, his 1971 Time of the Last Persecut(...)

It has taken some time for this last post from Roebuck “Pops” Staples to appear. Recorded in the 18 months before his death in 2000, Don’t(...)

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