Jeff Mills

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Tivoli car park street art: An Bord Pleanála ordered it to be  documented. Filing away archives is memorialising, not preserving. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Of all of the closures and demolitions that typify Dublin’s gentrification right now, the Tivoli Theatre on Francis Street, also known as the club Dis(...)

AVA is now one of the UK and Ireland’s premier dance music events

Sarah McBriar is optimistic about this year’s AVA Festival in Belfast, having just emerged from a long meeting on the show’s visual elements. “We’re p(...)

Summber vibe: Electric Picnic, in Co Laois in September. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

With more than 30 music festivals across Ireland between April and the end of September, there’s one for almost every age, county and g(...)

When it comes to collaborations in search of new angles and edges, Jeff Mills is not the only Detroit innovator leaning into the classical world. Afte(...)

Summit else: Paul Oakenfold performing at base camp on Mount Everest on April 11th. Photograph: Soundtrek via Facebook

As far as I can work out, French critic and novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr had little truck with music during his time at the writing desk in th(...)

The music business never misses a trick. The summer season is now saturated with festivals and events, so the rest of the year is now also fair gam(...)