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Jeff Buckley backstage at Trinity Ball

From The Smiths at Dundalk’s Fairways Hotel to Nirvana playing the Top Hat in Dún Laoghaire and David Bowie in the Baggot Inn, there are some concert(...)

Keaton Henson: “The intensity, which I’m told is there, comes ironically from my not wanting to be up on stage. It’s never just another day on the road for me.”

Frankly, we are surprised. Very surprised. Having seen Keaton Henson perform a mesmerising anxiety-riddled set at last December’s Other Voices in Din(...)

There’s much to like on the new album from Australian Ry Cuming, a dude who previously headed for the limelight as part of The Acid and Howling. (...)

The Australian singer-songwriter’s debut album has been a long time coming. After an uncomfortable spell in the Australian Idol limelight as a tee(...)

At this point, Jeff Buckley must rival Elvis when it comes to posthumous releases. Although he only released one studio album, Grace, before dying (...)

Jeff Buckley: the biggest artist that never was? Photograph: Hans Van Der Bogaard/Sony

Depending on your frame of reference, Jeff Buckley might be the biggest artist that never was, his short but impactful career ending after a fateful n(...)

Soak from Derry

ANNIE MAC BBC Radio 1 DJ LAPSLEY Eighteen, Scouse, sassy, self-taught: there is nothing not to love about Holly Fletcher. She stayed(...)

Jeff Buckley on stage at Wetlands, New York, in 1994, the year ‘Grace’ was released. Photograph: Steve Eichner/Getty Images

Some albums are born great and some have greatness thrust upon them with time. And some, like Jeff Buckley’s Grace, are a bit of both. Released(...)

‘In a way “Hallelujah” should not have such massive popular appeal. After all, the music and the lyrics go against the contemporary grain.’ Above, Leonard Cohen. Photograph:  Graham Denholm/WireImage

Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah hit the headlines again recently when Fr Ray Kelly’s custom-made cover version for a wedding in Meath went viral. In a(...)

Being Miley Cyrus
  • Music
  • May 16, 2014, 00:00

She’d better not bail. I’ll be furious if she cancels. No, I’m not talking about a flaky best friend, I am talking about international pop star(...)

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