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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has unveiled a plan for a vehicle designed to land on the moon, in what he said was the first step to build colonies for humans in space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has unveiled a plan for a vehicle designed to land on the moon, in what he said was the first step to build colonies for hum(...)

The number of offerings from Amazon itself, plus its massive cohort of third party sellers, is mind-boggling. Photograph: PA

Amazon sells a lot of stuff. More than 300 million of us have bought something from the company since it was founded in 1994.  Many of us have s(...)

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park  suffered a major fire just after its renovation was completed in 2018. Photograph: iStock

In early June last year the FT travel editor emailed to ask if I’d like to review London’s most expensive hotel suite. The Mandarin Oriental, he said,(...)

Amazon is retreating from China’s ecommerce marketplace, but will still offer other services in the region and access to its global platform. Photograph: Pascal Rossignol/File Photo/Reuters

In a rare retreat for Amazon. com, the e-commerce giant plans to shut down its Chinese marketplace business in July as it shifts its focus to offering(...)

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos routinely uses his annual shareholder letter to outline his long-term strategy.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is daring rival retailers in the United States to raise their minimum wage to $16 (€14) an hour. Mr Bezos laid down(...)

Cameron O’Reilly said the new venture would be profit-focused and was not intended as an act of philanthropy. File photograph: Megan Lewis/Reuters

Cameron O’Reilly, the eldest son of former business tycoon Sir Anthony O’Reilly, is backing a new online, subscriptions-based investigative journalism(...)

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos and his former wife MacKenzie Bezos. Photograph: Reuters

MacKenzie Bezos will retain Amazon stock worth more than $35 billion (€31 billion) after her separation from its founder and chief executive Jeff Bezo(...)

The good news is that we’re not heading towards a jobless society of couch potatoes hooked on daytime TV.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos doesn’t think the robots are going to take all our jobs or stalk the human race with malign intent. “The idea that there is g(...)

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos

There are some things that not even Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and the world’s richest man, can easily buy. One of them is the “.amazon” domain name. (...)

Kevin Roose: “On the subway, I kept my phone in my pocket and people-watched. It’s an unnerving sensation, being alone with your thoughts in the year 2019.” Photograph: Demetrius Freeman/New York Times

My name is Kevin, and I have a phone problem. And if you’re anything like me – and the statistics suggest you probably are, at least where smartphone(...)

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