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Buying private always comes with greater risks, from checking the vehicle’s mechanical situation to whether the seller is actually the rightful owner.

What is outstanding car finance and why should I care? Outstanding car finance is the amount of money still owed on a used car when it’s sold. Someon(...)

“If a consumer purchases a car with outstanding finance on it, the car could be repossessed by the lender, even if the consumer has already paid the previous owner for it,” says a v spokesman.

One in six used cars on sale may be at risk of repossession as they still have finance outstanding on them. In a study of a sample of 5,906 used cars(...)

The current obsession with the cost of motor tax has resulted in  an oddly-skewed market

Let’s start with motor tax, shall we? We did mention, last week, that ignoring the cost of motor tax (or at least accepting that paying a little extra(...)

Use it: If you want to find your ideal second-hand car, you need to do your homework and do the legwork. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Let’s put current car sales into some context. The Irish motor trade has been cock-a-hoop since January of this year when it became apparent that new (...)

Under the new bonnet the Focus will be the launch vehicle for Ford’s new 1.5-litre petrol EcoBoost engine.
Ford sharpens its Focus

Ford has given the Focus a major mid-life update and facelift as it attempts to keep up with the motoring Joneses in the shape of the Volkswage(...)