Jean Twenge

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“Many of the people who are terrifying kids about screens, they have hit a vein of attention from society and they are going to ride that. But that is super bad for society.” Photograph: iStock

It has become common wisdom that too much time spent on smartphones and social media is responsible for a recent spike in anxiety, depression and othe(...)

Part of the University College Dublin campus: the students’ union recently ran a campus survey on consent. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Sex is all around us. We are the society in which Tinder and Grinder have become household names. Porn culture has infiltrated every facet of our liv(...)

Despite the culture of sexting, nude selfies and dating apps, millennials are having less sex, a new survey claims. Photograph: iStock

To judge from the culture of sexting, nude selfies and dating apps, it would be easy to assume that millennials are the most sexually liberated gener(...)

Bad habits like finishing work at home can quickly develop. Photograph: iStockphoto

‘Mad busy”, “crazy busy”, “completely manic”. These are the go-to answers I hear, and give, when faced with questions about general wellbeing. More o(...)