Desert rat: Baxter Dury describes himself as “a bloke in an ill-fitting ’80s suit talking over some synthesisers” and his new song Miami, about a Harvey Weinstein-type creep,  as “really coarse and horrible”

Baxter Dury is very sorry. When he calls back almost an hour after our scheduled interview time, he is full of apologies. “I’m sitting on my balcony i(...)

Sleaford Mods  vocalist Jason Williamson in Bunch of Kunst

Early on in this workaday documentary on Sleaford Mods, we catch sight of the busy bookshelf in vocalist Jason Williamson’s well-ordered home. The onl(...)

The concept of English Tapas, according to Sleaford Mods, is “comedy, it’s make-do, it’s ignorant and above all – it’s shit”. If that doesn’t sound pa(...)

A welcome smack in the chops amid all that relentless Britpop nostalgia, Sleaford Mods are the boys with the blackstuff. Prolific Nottingham duo Jason(...)