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If you’re ‘dying for a drink’ don’t assume that you’re going to feel that way for the whole day, evening or month. Cravings come and go.

If you gave up alcohol for January you might by now be at the stage where the mention of “wine o’clock” or the arrival of Friday evening brings a twin(...)

Here’s another trap: imagining that everybody but you is having a fantastic time throwing back the booze in warmth and conviviality. Photograph: iStock

If you joined those who decided to do “dry January”, you are by now in the very early stages of your 31-day journey. Whether the journey is looking to(...)

The thought of not drinking can be more difficult than the act of not drinking

If you are one of the many people who have given up drinking for January, congratulations and here are a few tips, based on my own experience, that mi(...)

The general consensus on the radio programme was that when you hit 50, you are going to find it hard to get another job or maybe even to get an interview. Photograph: Getty Images

When referred to as “dapper” the other day it struck me that I hadn’t been called that ever before and for good reason: I wasn’t old enough. It’s an a(...)