Social democracy in crisis

It is hardly surprising that the focus of political analysis in recent years has been on explaining the emergence of “anti-politics”, the politics of (...)

Neither Brexit nor Trump are mentioned explicitly. But the declaration from EU leaders at today’s EU 60th anniversary summit in Rome, and indeed the s(...)

Donald Tusk: promised to promote unity when he was reappointed to a second term as European Council president. Photograph: Yves Herman/Reuters

Poland will block European Union leaders from issuing formal conclusions at the end of a two-day summit in Brussels after the country’s former prime (...)

Donald Tusk with Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo  in Warsaw in 2016. Ms Szydlo is seeking to block her predecessor  from securing a second term as European Council president. Photograph: Wojtek Radwanski/AFP/Getty Images

Poland has escalated a campaign to block its former prime minister, Donald Tusk, from winning a second term as European Council president when EU lead(...)

These are days of shifting alliances, partings with old friends and the embracing of new comrades. So Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s visit to Poland on Friday(...)

Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski: “You can’t criticise anyone for wanting to improve relations with Russia.” Photograph: Gian Ehrenzeller/EPA

As Central European leaders from the Baltic to the Black Sea congratulate Donald Trump on his accession to the White House, some can hardly wait for (...)

“For much of human history, war was seen as the natural relationship between societies.”

Humanity is tribal. We are social and cultural animals. Culture lets us co- operate not just in family bands, but in imagined communities. Of all such(...)

Protesters with a picture of Andrzej Rzeplinski, the outgoing head of Poland’s constitutional court, at an anti-government rally in front of the court  in Warsaw. Photograph: Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images

In the chilly gloom of Warsaw’s Dominican Friars church, three confessionals are doing a roaring pre-Christmas trade – on a Monday evening. As people(...)

Sevil Shhaideh: Critics fear Shhaideh, nominated to lead a new Romanian government, would be a de facto puppet of the country’s biggest political party.  Photograph: Inquam Photos/Ovidiu Micsik/via Reuters

Romania’s president has delayed a decision on whether to nominate an economist as prime minister, saying he needed more time to assess a candidate wh(...)

Demonstrators in front of the parliament building in Warsaw on Tuesday. The poster roughly translates as “Over the corps to the cell”. Photograph: Agencja Gazeta/Kuba Atys/via Reuters

The leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has told opposition protesters, including politicians occupying parliam(...)

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