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Linda Hannan: Mother of two from Celbridge  had to pay €3,000 privately to have her tissue sample examined in the US.

Hundreds of Irish women with breast cancer are being provided with free access to a gene test that can show whether or not they will need to be treate(...)

Forty-four Irish women were among 4,800 women worldwide who took part in the Aphinity trial of the new drug combination, manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals

A new drug cocktail for treating breast cancer which was extensively trialled in Ireland has been shown to cut the risk of recurrence by 19 per cent. (...)

Coloured mammogram of a woman’s breast that contains a cancerous tumour. The new test can help determine the most effective type of treatment for patients.

A new test has significantly reduced over-treatment of breast cancer patients with chemotherapy and saved the Health Service Executive €800,000, new (...)

Liz Yeates, who has had breast cancer and is now well: ‘Early detection is everything when it comes to treating cancer.’ Photograph: Dave Meehan

Click here to visit The Health Centre Today we are delighted to launch our online resource, The Health Centre, a selection of the best health j(...)

If you have developed breast cancer, early detection continues to be the most important factor in staying well. Photograph: Thinkstock

Dr Janice Walshe is the consultant medical oncologist who treated Liz Yeates during her illness (see story on opposite page). Although more than 2,800(...)

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After a successful paid internship with Twitter, which she found online, politics graduate Sara MacNamara is enthusiastic about the benefits: “Inte(...)

No bundling small children out of the house early in the morning – for many in-house childcare is the best solution

No bundling small children out of the house early in the morning; no breakneck dash to the crèche before it closes; no pretending children are well wh(...)