Jane Ellison

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The Liberal Democrats’ gains in London and Scotland were tempered by notable losses, including former leader Nick Clegg. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA Wire

A failed gamble, a hung parliament, a lost Conservative majority, a surge in Labour support, a boost of confidence for a divisive leader, Ulster union(...)

Theresa May called a snap election in April as she faced Brexit negotiations. File photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

Theresa May will reshuffle some cabinet posts on Saturday after she announced she would form a minority government with the support of the Democratic (...)

David Cameron: “I know what parents go through when they are concerned about these issues”

The United Kingdom will become the first country in the world to legalise the creation of so-called “three-parent IVF babies”, following a House of (...)

Artificial insemination: Jane Ellison, the Conservative public health minister, said the new  techniques offered the only hope for  women who carry mitochondrial disease to have “healthy, genetically related children”

MPs have voted in favour of making Britain the first country in the world to permit IVF babies to be created using biological material from three di(...)