Jan Garbarek

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Manfred Eicher: one of the most influential figures in contemporary jazz

Manfred Eicher is leaning over a mixing desk, lost in concentration. Dressed in his trademark grey, white shoulder-length hair hanging down ov(...)

Tributes this effusive are usually delivered posthumously. A stroke in 2007 may have deprived Eberhard Weber of the ability to play his instrum(...)

Marius Neset: ‘People coming to the concerts now, they know my music, and they have expectations. But I can’t focus on that’

Being a saxophone idol is a relatively new experience for Marius Neset. Three years ago, the young Norwegian was one among many rising young stars of (...)

Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

A quiet, slow day in Feakle. Few are about in the late-summer noontime lull in this part of east Co Clare. Martin Hayes is waiting patiently outside P(...)

Free frequency: Redivider

When most people hear the word “jazz”, they generally think of hip black Americans in suits playing lots of notes to a half-empty basement. And 60 ye(...)