The Growing Up in Ireland study is the biggest and most complex social science project ever to be undertaken in this country and provides thousands of insights into the lives of children. Photograph: iStock

A quarter of our three-year-olds are overweight or obese; 50 per cent of Irish-born mothers don’t even start to breastfeed their babies; 16 per cent o(...)

A central tenet of the latest round of data from the “Growing Up in Ireland” longitudinal study on child development  is how social inequalities play a central role in the experience of childhood development generally

Some obese or overweight children perceive themselves to be a healthy size or even skinny, a report has found. The latest round of data from the Gro(...)

The ESRI study says social inequalities are apparent in the skills children bring with them on starting primary school. The attitudes, dispositions and language skills of five-year-olds differ according to social class, mother’s education and household income.

Children’s wellbeing in modern Ireland is largely shaped by the circumstances and social position of their parents, despite improvements in health an(...)

How do you prise the controls from their sweaty little hands and get them outside? Photograph: Eric Luke

So another study has proven what many parents already know. Children who spend a lot of time in front of television, video games and small screens are(...)

Children who spent three or more hours in front of a screen were considerably more likely to consume unhealthy foods more often and five-year-olds from more socially disadvantaged families were found to have higher levels of daily screen-time

  One in five five-year-olds is either overweight or obese, according to findings from the Growing Up in Ireland longitudinal study pub(...)

The study found that 9 per cent of children living with parents who never worked were classed as obese.

  Some 19 per cent of three-year-old children were classed as overweight and 6 per cent were obese in a study of 10,000 children conduc(...)