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Campaigners argue that children in State-funded schools  face obstacles exercising their right to opt out of religious instruction. Photograph: iStock

Schools have no legal basis to compel students to attend religious instruction classes, according to a report to be published this week. Atheist Irel(...)

Dispute over whether to allow certain US foodstuffs into Britain, including chicken dipped in chlorine baths, was a symptom of more trouble to come, the think tank said. Photograph: Darko Vojinovic/AP

Boris Johnson’s government has made “unforced errors” by rushing into trade negotiations with third countries before resolving its regulatory position(...)

An RIC cadet and two members of Sinn Féin lying dead on the road, while in the background cadets are taking Sinn Féiners prisoners, Irish War of Independence, Tralee, Ireland. Photograph from The Illustrated London News, vol 157, no 4258, November 27, 1920.

The Revolution Files is a collection of articles detailing one incident in each of Ireland’s 32 counties during the revolutionary years, from 1916 to (...)

IRA men who were at the Kilmichael ambush

Dundalk was “sneeringly hostile” to the Irish Republican Army during the War of Independence, according to records from the time that are to be publis(...)