James Holmes

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No magic bullet theory: Dark Night

Hailing from the same wilfully grey space between document and fiction as Kate Plays Christine or Le Quattro Volte, Tim Sutton’s homophonic third feat(...)

Colorado  gunman James Holmes leaves court for the last time before beginning his life sentence with no chance of parole after a hearing in Centennial, Colorado. Photograph: Reuters

Colorado cinema gunman James Holmes has been formally sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 2012 attack which left 12 people dead and 70 (...)

James Holmes: the 27-year-old former neuroscience graduate student was found guilty  last month on all charges from the July 2012 mass shooting in the Denver suburb of Aurora. Photograph: Reuters

Colorado movie rampage gunman James Holmes was spared the death penalty and will serve life with no parole for killing a dozen people and wounding 70(...)

James Holmes: killed 12 people and wounded 70 in July 2012 during a shooting spree at a midnight screening of Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. Photograph: Andy Cross/Reuters

James Holmes, the gunman behind the Colorado cinema killings, could face the death penalty after jurors found that aggravating factors, including the (...)

The entrance to Arapahoe County District Court, Colorado. The trial for  a   cinema massacre in the state in 2012 is underway in the courthouse. Photograph: Evan Semon/Reuters

The long-awaited trial for a cinema massacre in Colorado is underway, with jurors asked to decide whether gunman James Holmes was insane when he kille(...)

James Holmes (25) is charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Photograph: RJ Sangosti/Reuters

A Fox News reporter will not have to divulge the confidential sources who provided information for her story on the 2012 mass shooting at a Colorado (...)

A psychiatrist at the University of Colorado was so concerned about James Holmes that she contacted campus police.

A month before James Holmes was accused of carrying out a mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater, his university psychiatrist reported that(...)