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Four albums in, and Everything Everything still seem like the kind of band that simply shouldn’t work in today’s musical climate. Over the last seven (...)

Everything Everything: “Our confidence massively jumped up with ‘Get To Heaven’. We took risks and they were the moments that paid off the most,” says Higgs

Everything Everything are in their right place: progressing with each album. 2015’s Get To Heaven finally saw them become the band they were meant to (...)

As young men with acoustic guitars dominate the charts with inoffensive love songs nowadays, 18-year-old Declan McKenna has more to say on his de(...)

These are strange days for music, and even stranger days for Depeche Mode. As Ed Sheeran occupies the top 16 spots on the Irish singles chart and Dave(...)

An Interior Ministry member detains a gay rights activist attempting to hold a protest rally in Red Square near the Kremlin in central Moscow on Friday, shortly before Vladimir Putin opened the Sochi Winter Olympics. Photograph: Yevgeny Feldman/Russia

Irish band Villagers released a new track last weekend to coincide with the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. But far from being a celebration (...)