James Corry

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 Aileen Donnelly. Photograph: DAVE MEEHAN

Ms Justice Aileen Donnelly, the High Court judge criticised by Polish media this week after raising concerns regarding the country’s legal system, is (...)

1996: British soldiers walk to a police van that hides partly a pickup truck in front of a side entrance to the Osnabrück British Quebec barracks after a mortar attack. Photograph: Joerg Sarbach/AP/File

Belfast man James Corry has confessed he was involved in a Provisional IRA (PIRA) mortar attack on a British army base in Osnabrück, western Germany, (...)

An Irishman extradited to Germany last year will go on trial later this month for alleged involvement in an IRA bomb attack on a British army base 21 (...)

Davy Carson: scored Ireland’s equalising goal against Spain. Photo: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Davy Carson’s late goal earned a new-look Ireland an encouraging 1-1 against world number eight side Spain as Mick McKinnon handed out eight internati(...)