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“The day after Bobby died, a ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’ photographer arrived to take the most precious photos we will ever have... it was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to do.”

The words of this article have been spinning around in my head for quite some time; amongst grief and loss and making sense of life again. It took a (...)

Good intentions are no defence when placed against a record of providing “unsafe and chaotic services” for people with autism. Following 18 months of (...)

People from Syria hold placards during a rally outside the main railway station in Cologne, Germany. Photograph: Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay

The media have avoided blaming religion for the recent sexual assaults perpetrated on large groups of women in Germany and Sweden. They have rightly i(...)

The differences in iron content in the diets of men and women, and boys and girls, suggest these are related to how males and females are catered for when it comes to food. Photograph: Thinkstock

Most people never think about the iron content of food or their daily intake of this important element. With so much food around, and more than two-t(...)

‘Operation Transformation’ 2015 leaders with Kathryn Thomas: research by Safefood shows the programme inspired a social movement across the country.

A survey by Safefood indicates that the RTÉ reality TV show Operation Transformation appears to have had a positive impact on the nation’s health. The(...)

Operation Transformation: television and radio shows focused on individual lifestyles will not fix the obesity problem and may even make things worse. Photograph: RTÉ

RTÉ has defended its Operation Transformation programme saying it is proud of the “contribution it has made to Irish health awareness over the last ei(...)

Donegal Bay in the southwest of the county: If Leo Varadkar can rebrand the west of Ireland successfully as the Wild Atlantic Way, perhaps the same can be done for primary care. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

There is hope at last that our dysfunctional health system might be fixed. I say system, not services, because by and large the services are as good a(...)

Shortly after Dr Leo Varadkar became Minister for Health he was interviewed by RTÉ about the challenges facing the health sector, including Ireland’s (...)

The health service in Ireland is very complex which means that complaining, or simply getting an explanation, can be very hard to do. Illustration: Getty Images

Engaging with health services can be a trying time for patients and their families. Inevitably, sometimes, things will go wrong and when that h(...)

No one seems interested in the fact that poor people cannot afford to buy real food. Photograph: Getty Images

The numbers of people with serious health problems such as cancer, obesity and diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate. A report from the I(...)

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