Jacinta Walsh

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Sam O’Carroll on his first day at school, with his mother, Jacinta Walsh. “We were told when he was diagnosed that he would never speak and he would never love us.”

Sam O’Carroll was diagnosed with autism 16 years ago when education supports for children with autism in Ireland were severely limited. Now aged 18, (...)

Ken Caulfield and Miriam McNamee: “The great thing about Cuisle is when you’re there, it feels like your disability goes away.”

Bob Potter Coogan describes the supported holiday centre of Woodhaven, Co Sligo,  as a “godsend”: “I’ve had multiple sclerosis for half my life a(...)

Children want to help with their sibling with special needs, but they also want a normal family life. Photograph: Thinkstock

It’s tough to have to explain to friends that rooms in your house are locked because of your sister. And it’s not easy seeing people stare when you’r(...)