Iwan Rheon

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Inhumans stars  Anson Mount and Serinda Swan, whose surnames combined sound like something Zeus would try at his absolute worst

Once thought to be infinitely expanding, it turns out that even the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its limits. The clearest effort to map those finite (...)

Cool and the gang: The Night King and his army

It’s the exquisitely-drawn villains that have elevated Game of Thrones above lesser swords and sorcery sagas. Lord of the Rings had its huge fiery eye(...)

Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in a new Sky Arts show, Urban Myths

Picture the scene. A casting meeting in an office somewhere in Greater London for Urban Myths, a Sky Arts satirical comedy series about things that m(...)

Ramsay Bolton can lay claim to being one of the nastiest villains in TV history

In the end Ramsay Bolton got what he deserved. Well that may be overstating things: it’s hard to imagine a demise dire enough to adequately punish the(...)

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Varys (Conleth Hill) go on a wander round Braavos

After more hype than a Conor McGregor fight, Game of Thrones rumbled busily back on to our screens, with an episode that didn’t exactly have us prais(...)