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Dublin Port. A company importing goods from the UK post-Brexit subject to the full VAT rate would have had to pay €23,000 on goods worth €100,000 at the time they were imported. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Government has introduced a measure that will allow Irish companies importing from the UK post-Brexit to forego the VAT payment until making their(...)

New computer systems allow Revenue to track how money flows through the construction sector. Image: Thinkstock

The Revenue’s clampdown on construction yielded €15 million in settlements and penalties from defaulters last year, one tax expert says. Technology a(...)

The tax collectors are clamping down with unannounced site visits, gleaning more information from suppliers of goods and services and liaising with UK counterparts

A new system allowing the Revenue to identify all contractors on every building site in the Republic is likely to increase the tax collected from the (...)