Ingmar Bergman

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I, Frankenstein 2:31

Well, it’s nice to have got this out of the way early. If a worse film than I, Frankenstein crawls from the murk in 2014, then it should be stuffed an(...)

Stockholm: Sweden’s liberal society is feted as a western exemplar, but behind it lurk the usual conflicts

There has been an explo- sion in the Vinterviken dynamite factory. Someone has dropped a glass and it shattered into 50 pieces on the floor of the for(...)

Andrew Clancy’s pale birch plywood skull, which stretches to four metres in height. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

Peering out through the slatted eye sockets of an enormous wooden skull, a visitor to Andrew Clancy’s studio could feel a strange sensation; the exper(...)

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