Hugo Chavez

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Íñigo Errejón, former deputy leader of Podemos, and Podemos leader  Pablo Iglesias in October 2016. File photograph: Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images

In a recently released video, members of Podemos in different parts of Spain speak into a camera to proclaim the party’s presence across the country. (...)

A Venezuelan woman prays on a soccer field on the outskirts of Cúcuta, on the Colombian side of the Venezuelan border. Photograph: Edgard Garrido

Once you pass the army base in Agua Blanca on the highway north out of Cúcuta the roadside stalls quickly appear. Consisting of stacks of jerry cans (...)

Venezuelan migrants wait for food outside La Divina Pastora shelter in Villa del Rosario, Colombia, at the border with Venezuela, on February 13th, 2019. Photograph:  Luis Robayo

When Maria Duran had her first child in Venezuela in 2013 she encountered no problems. But by the time she gave birth to her second, 18 months ago, “e(...)

Venezuelan migrants climb on a truck on the road from Cúcuta to Pamplona in  Colombia as humanitarian aid is blocked from entering the country. Photograph: Raul Arboleda/AFP

In dismissing the need for the international aid operation being organised by his political opponents, President Nicolás Maduro defiantly said Venezue(...)

Members of the Bolivarian National Police Special Forces Group (Faes) during an operation against criminal groups at Petare neighbourhood in Caracas on January 25th. Photograph: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images

A flickering candle and 19 rose petals – one for every year he lived – adorn a shrine in what used to be the home of Alixon Pisani. “We love you,” re(...)

Venezuela’s opposition leader and self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaidó (C)  in Caracas. Photograph:  Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images

The imminent arrival in neighbouring countries of humanitarian aid destined for crisis-stricken Venezuela has emerged as the latest flashpoint in the (...)

Chavistas participate  in an event to support President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela on Monday. Photograph:  Cristian Hernandez/EPA

European powers have backed Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president in an effort to raise the pressure on Nicolás Maduro’s regime, even as divisi(...)

  A mosaic depicting the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (left) and Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on a wall in Caracas. Photograph: Getty Images

The holding of an open cabildo has deep historical resonances in South America. It was these citizen assemblies that two centuries ago sparked the con(...)

Opposition National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó, who declared himself interim president of Venezuela last week, taking part in a protest against Nicholás Maduro in Caracas on  Wednesday. Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has accused Donald Trump and a “group of extremists around him” of plotting to topple him in order to seize Ven(...)

Venezuela’s general prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, speaks to reporters in Caracas on Tuesday. Photograph: Marco Bello/Getty Images

Venezuela’s government moved against self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó on Tuesday, seeking a travel ban and a freeze on his bank accounts(...)

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