Hugh O'neill

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  Neil Martin: song-cycle based on Seamus Heaney’s ‘Sweeney Astray’

Not much can be said with certainty about the Battle of Mag Rath, which happened near what is now Moira, Co Down, in 637. But we know it was big, be(...)

Tullybuck in my native Co Monaghan is home to a gold-mine, or a potential gold-mine anyway. Photograph: iStock

One of the accidental blessings of Ireland’s colonial past is that it left us a coded landscape of anglicised placenames, whose translation back into (...)

Detail of Maurice Harron’s sculpture of  Red Hugh O’Donnell  in Donegal Town.

By the time you read this, participants in the 2017 Art O’Neill Challenge should be at or near their destination in the Wicklow Mountains. En route th(...)