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Jackie Duddy Jackie Duddy (17) was born at Springtown camp, one of a family of 15. He worked at a local factory, but his passion was boxing (...)

Bishop Daly was filmed waving a bloody handkerchief on Bloody Sunday. Photograph: RTÉ Archives

The 13 people killed on Bloody Sunday were shot dead by members of the 1st battalion (1 Para) of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment in the spa(...)

Bloody Sunday, Derry, 1972: British soldiers in the Bogside just before paratroopers opened fire, on January 30th. Photograph: William L Rukeyser/Getty

‘I remember, at the age of about five, standing in the Diamond in Derry and hearing people singing We Shall Overcome. It was sung in a very gentle but(...)

A file photo taken on February 2nd, 1972 shows mourners attending the funerals of the 13 “Bloody Sunday” victims, in Derry. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

A former British soldier who was arrested on suspicion of murdering three civil rights demonstrators in Derry on Bloody Sunday has been released on ba(...)