WannaCry  ransomware: thousands of computers in over 100 countries  have been infected since May 12th. Photograph: EPA

Just 20 Irish IP addresses have been hit by the cyber attack over the weekend which locked up more than 200,000 computers worldwide, according to the (...)

Hugh Callaghan, cyber security leader of EY Ireland: “Irish businesses are still playing catch-up with cyber criminals.”

Irish companies are “woefully unprepared” for a major new EU-wide data protection law, which comes into effect next year, a leading IT expert has warn(...)

File photograph from 22/11/74 of the wreckage left at the Mulberry Bush pub in Birmingham after a bomb exploded. Photograph: PA

November 10th, 1974: An overheard conversation by men linked to the IRA that “Birmingham would be hit next week” is reported to police but nothing is(...)

Paddy Hill (left) says “it’s a well-known fact that they had an informer in the IRA who told them shortly after the bombings that they got the wrong people. Photograph: Getty Images

Birmingham Six man Paddy Hill’s life has been an emotional roller-coaster, if nothing else. Now living a life of contentment in rural Scotland with (...)

Michael Hogan, the Tipperary footballer who was killed at Croke Park on Bloody Sunday on November 21st, 1920

The GAA will mark the 95th anniversary of the events of Bloody Sunday, November 21st, 1920, at a special ceremony in Croke Park tonight before the st(...)

Firemen at one of the Birmingham blast sites in 1974. Photograph: Press Association

Two bombs exploded: the first in the Mulberry Bush at 8.17pm; the second in the Tavern in the Town 10 minutes later. Twenty-one people died, 182 were (...)

Security issue: Irish companies remain behind the international curve in several key areas of information security

Despite indications of a steady rise in threats to digital data from hackers, international cybercrime gangs, and even disgruntled ex-employees, Irish(...)