American literary critic Harold Bloom: those who promote broadening the canon to include more women or post-colonial or LGBT or non-English or non-white writers belong to what he calls a “school of resentment”.  Photograph: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Is it in the canon? Concerts this past week made me wonder about music that is and music that isn’t considered part of the so-called classical canon. (...)

English mezzo-soprano Katie Bray plays the title role in Griselda

SATURDAY 12  Griselda Town Hall Theatre, Galway, and on tour It never rains but it pours. Vivaldi has had a centuries-long wait for a performan(...)

The excitingly, wilfully dynamic Jean-Christophe Spinosi. With the NCH out of action the ICO is going to find its options even more limited as other promoters suck up viable alternatives.

The media in Ireland and Britain are writing, talking and agonising about Brexit, an event that has not happened yet. Mutterings are already under way(...)

Hyperion’s much-admired Romantic Piano Concerto series, launched in 1992, is currently at 63 volumes and counting. Romantic violin and cello concertos(...)

Theodor Döhler (1814-56) and Alexander Dreyschock (1818-69), who share the latest instalment in Hyperion’s Romantic Piano Concerto series, are well do(...)

The 25-year-old Benjamin Britten’s self-described “bravura” Piano Concerto of 1938 attracted early critical brickbats for its “angry blatancy,” “cl(...)