Howard Carter

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The University of Pennsylvania’s course covers the important rulers and explores the construction of the pyramids and the Sphinx, the gods and goddesses worshipped, and, yes, mummies.

Like many children I was fascinated with stories of ancient Egypt: mummified kings and queens, the mystery of how the pyramids were built, tales of Ho(...)

German restorer Christian Eckmann carrying out restoration work on the golden mask of King Tutankhamun  after the beard was accidentally broken off and hastily glued back, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Photoghraph: Amr Nabil/AP

Eight Egyptian museum officials are to face a disciplinary tribunal for their role in a botched repair job that caused lasting damage to the famed gol(...)

The diary was kept  by Minnie Burton, wife of Harry Burton, the photographer  who spent eight years recording the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun

How will future historians manage without diaries? The hand-written journals kept by the great and the good, the bad and the ugly and even (or especia(...)

Tutankhamun’s mask, over 3,300 years old, and other contents of his tomb are among the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s most treasured exhibits. Photograph: Getty Images

The blue and gold braided beard on the burial mask of famed pharaoh Tutankhamun was hastily glued back on, damaging the relic after it was knocked dur(...)