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A full-scale replica of Adolf Hitler’s office inside the so-called Führerbunker.  Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images

Johanna Ruf is the last survivor of Hitler’s bunker, although a dirty blouse prevented her from meeting the Nazi dictator personally. Now aged 88, Ms(...)

Brunhilde Pomsel – Born: January 11th, 1911 – Died: January 27th, 2017. Photograph: AFP
Obituary: Brunhilde Pomsel
  • People
  • January 30, 2017, 23:46

Brunhilde Pomsel, the personal stenographer of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels during the last three years of World War II and one of the(...)

Boris Johnson: “Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically.” Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty

Not for the first time, Fr Dougal put it best. “God, Ted, I’ve never met anyone like him anyway,” he said of the notorious Fr Stack. “Who would he be (...)

‘Him’: waxwork Hitler by Maurizio Cattelan goes to auction on May 8th at Christie’s in New York

A waxwork figure of Hitler is the unlikely highlight of a Christie’s auction of Modern, Post-War and Contemporary Art in New York on May 8th. Made (...)

Viktor Orban: out on a political limb over attitude to Hungary’s war record and its interpretation. Photograph: Reuters

Viktor Orban’s brand of conservative nationalism, and what some EU partners fear are his questionable democratic values, have put Hungary’s prime mini(...)

A 10-million mark note from 1923 at the height of the hyper-inflation days of the Weimar Republic. Photograph: iStockphoto

Every euro area government has framed the ongoing crisis to suit its own political and economic concerns. Many have chosen austerity, war(...)