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Director Aoife Kelleher: ‘The first spring in lockdown was hard, but there was a strange novelty to it.’

For the first few months of the first lockdown I was ghostwriting a memoir with Majella Moynihan, so I was quite insulated. My husband was doing all t(...)

Northern Ireland reported 48 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday. Photograph: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

The North’s Minister for Health has expressed his “concern” at the “continuing threat” posed by coronavirus, as the number of cases of Covid-19 in Nor(...)

From hip hop and rap to noisy guitars and pop, here’s the 10 best albums you should not miss Six months down and where are we? Healthy enough, t(...)

Is it safe to stop prefacing Hilary Woods’s name with “former JJ72 bassist” yet? The Dublin-born musician’s previous life as an indie icon is so far r(...)

Titus Andronicus

Saturday, September 8th Lucius St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, 7.30pm, €28/€20(sold out), ticketmaster.ie Formed in Brooklyn, NYC, but n(...)

Even when she was a member of the riotously ambitious JJ72, Dublin musician Hilary Woods was the quiet, stoic one – she would observe the mayhem aroun(...)

 James Murphy from  LCD Soundsystem would like to cordially invite you to the Electric Picnic main stage at just after midnight on Saturday. Photograph: Estela Silva/EPA

MAIN STAGE FRIDAY 22.30-00.00 The Chemical Brothers 21.00-22.00 The 1975 19.30-20.30 Nas 18.15-19.00 ABC 17.00-17.45 Ryan Sheridan SATURDAY 00.(...)

Soak from Derry

ANNIE MAC BBC Radio 1 DJ LAPSLEY Eighteen, Scouse, sassy, self-taught: there is nothing not to love about Holly Fletcher. She stayed(...)

How long have you been playing music?I took drum lessons all the way through secondary school; no one would have thought of me as a singer in school. (...)

The River Cry

Many will remember Hilary Woods as the bass player with Irish indie outfit JJ72. After two albums, Woods left the band, went back to college an(...)