‘To most of us, it seems obvious that when we are physically active, we burn more calories than when we are sedentary.’ Photograph: iStock

Our bodies seem to adjust to prolonged, repeated physical exertion and its energy demands by burning fewer – instead of more – calories over the cours(...)

Our sedentary lifestyle, 5000 or less steps per day, is correlated with a spectrum of diseases; cardiovascular, diabetes and more. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

As interesting as human evolutionary history undoubtedly is, one mightn’t expect it to be right at the cutting edge in producing insights of extraordi(...)

A  woman from the San tribe lying on the sandy floor of her village in a remote part of the Kalahari desert. Photograph: Jorge Fernandez/LightRocket via Getty Images

Nutrition experts have long debated whether there is an optimal diet that humans evolved to eat. January is Health Month in The Irish Times(...)

While physical activity reduces the risk of a range of ailments such as heart disease, dementia, some cancers and type 2 diabetes,  it does not promote weight loss, according to the research. Photograph: iStockphoto

For somebody exercising solely to lose weight, the one thing more soul destroying than the calorie counter on your treadmill telling you after 30 minu(...)