Henry Viii

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What the ardent Leavers  say about a no-deal Brexit is not that they are really convinced it is a good thing, but that the English will endure the suffering and get through it because that is what they have always done. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Today is supposed to be historic, one of the most epic moments in the long life of the Westminster parliament. So why does it not feel like that? The (...)

For the main course, try a whole turbot. Photograph: iStock

Where do our Christmas traditions come from? How long have they been here? Can we make new ones or are we condemned to repeat our past food experience(...)

Shoppers from the South loading their car after a trip to The Quays shopping mall in Newry in 2008. Photograph: Paul McErlane/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On the day after British people voted to leave the EU, the Asos website nearly collapsed under the weight of thousands of euro zone shoppers racing t(...)

Think “awesome disruption” and most of us conjure a garage in Silicon Valley or a dorm room at Harvard. Taken together, Apple and Facebook have altere(...)

The National Museum of Ireland today unveiled a recently recovered collection of some 900 artefacts which it said had been looted from historic(...)