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Saoirse Ronan helping  to launch Bord Bia’s Origin Green, a  sustainability development programme

Bord Bia has launched a consumer research centre as part of its efforts to double exports by 2025. The organisation said the food, drink and horticul(...)

Adam Murphy, marketing director, Ornua

INNOVATION AWARD COMPANY: GALLAGHER’S BAKERY - PURE BRED Innovation has been central to the success of the Pure Bred range and the business has(...)

A grasshopper burger: the UN has been encouraging the use of insects in food, highlighting their nutritional value and affordability. Photograph: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty

It’s always fun to imagine what we might be eating in the future. Will we sit down to meat that has been grown in a lab? Will there will be a bowl (...)

Vietnam, where Bord Bia researchers visited people in their homes. Photograph: Frank Miller

Getting to know your customers is a golden rule of marketing and Bord Bia researchers have taken this to another level by living with potential consum(...)

Radical changes in the way younger people think about food could have a significant influence on how Irish food companies develop new products in t(...)

Bord Bia’s head of insight and innovation Helen King said the latest research found the emergence of a more resilient and resourceful consumer. “Anxiety has faded and been replaced by vigilance, and an approach to spending which is responsible but not wholly curtailed,” she said

People are becoming increasingly optimistic about the economy, but many are still wor(...)

Vegetables on  display in a supermarket. Photograph: Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

The recession has turned us into a nation of canny consumers. People are thinking twice before making the smallest purchases, throwing away less fo(...)