A cargo ship in transit: Some suppliers are seeing gaps in supply chains due to the coronavirus. Photograph: iStock

While the potential impact of coronavirus on food and medicine supplies is a hot topic, less obvious but increasingly concerning for local businesses (...)

Éamonn O’Sullivan of Hewn in his workshop.

Cutting edge kitchen spoons Éamonn O’Sullivan of Hewn works with greenwoods using traditional techniques and tools to create some of the most tactile(...)

A lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. An original produced by the Italian company Vitra will cost thousands; a version is for sale through Voga at €895

Furniture companies in the UK are upping sticks and moving to the Republic to circumvent strict new copyright laws introduced there which have – almos(...)

This is what it looks like when your chairs aren’t considered good enough to sit on. Their crime? The chairs are being destroyed not because they w(...)

Before Karen Barrett Baral came to Dublin from her Sydney home, her property development credentials were firmly intact. Her business in Australia is (...)