The Civil Human Rights Front has been a significant presence or organiser of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Photograph: Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty

A major civil society group that was behind some of Hong Kong’s biggest protests has disbanded under increasing pressure from police. The Civil Human(...)

China’s famous herd of wandering elephants stops for a rest after a 15-month journey far out of their natural habitat. Photograph:  China Central Television/AFP via Getty

A roaming herd of 15 wild elephants is on the move again after resting for a day in a patch of forest on the outskirts of the city of Kunming in south(...)

Ruhollah Zam, a former opposition figure and journalist who had lived in exile in France, speaks during his trial at Iran’s Revolutionary Court in Tehran in June. He was executed last week. Photograph: Ali Shirband/Mizan News Agency/AFP via Getty Images

China is the country that jailed the most journalists for the second year in a row, according to an annual survey by the Committee to Protect Journali(...)

Watchtowers on a high-security facility near what is believed to be a re-education camp where mostly Muslim ethnic minorities are detained, on the outskirts of Hotan, in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region. Photograph:  Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

The Chinese Communist party government has defended its system of internment camps for Uighur and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, in a White Pape(...)

A satellite image of the island of Nauru in the South Pacific, the world’s smallest island state, home to fewer than 10,000 people.  On the last official count at the end of June, 442 people – 338 men, 55 women and 49 children – were held in the Nauru regional processing centre. Photograph:  Planet Observer/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The devastating trauma and abuse inflicted on children held by Australia in offshore detention has been laid bare in the largest cache of leaked docum(...)