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Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, lists children who are deemed to be at risk of significant harm in their homes on its child-protection notification system. Photograph: Alan Betson

A confidential study on the State’s system for monitoring at-risk children found gaps of several years between Tusla receiving reports of welfare conc(...)

Chair of the National Review Panel Helen Buckley: ‘We cannot say the infant deaths were directly related to the mothers’ addiction’. File photograph: Eric Luke

Five babies and one toddler known to the State’s child protection agency, Tusla, whose mothers had drug or alcohol abuse problems, died last year, a h(...)

Drug-dependent mothers were a particularly at-risk group who needed specialised support, advised Dr Helen Buckley, chair of the National Review Panel. Photograph: iStock

Specially-trained midwives are “urgently needed” around the State in a bid to cut the number of deaths of infants and toddlers in the care of parents (...)

Dr Helen Buckley, chairwoman of the NRP, said while the reports showed evidence of “some very good practice” once services became involved, “it was notable that some social work departments were under serious pressure with high referral rates and staff shortages that inevitably impacted on their ability to provide a good service”. Photograph: Eric Luke / THE IRISH TIMES

Twenty-two children and young people in care or known to the child protection system died last year, according to the National Review Panel (NRP), a f(...)

Tusla figures show that 60% of reports are closed after preliminary screening and before initial assessment, and of the remainder 54% are subsequently closed. Photograph: Getty Images

The Children First Act 2017, which will be fully commenced on December 11th, 2017, will be claimed by the Government as landmark legislation. It is pa(...)

An average of 21 vulnerable young people in contact with social services have died each year, according to an independent body tasked with reviewing critical incidents in the care system. Photograph: iStock

Almost 150 vulnerable young people who were in contact with social services have died since 2010, new figures show. The most common cause of death w(...)

The latest reports into the deaths of children and young people in care once again illustrate the failings of State child protection services. Investi(...)

Short lives marred by abuse and neglect, alongside critical failings by State services, are revealed in reports into the deaths of children and young people in care, or known to care services.

Short lives marred by abuse, trauma and neglect, alongside critical failings by State services there to protect them, are revealed in reports into the(...)

Latest figures show 5,987 children were awaiting the allocation of a social worker in January.

Social workers may be recruited from Canada and Britain as part of an effort by Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, to address a backlog of child pro(...)

It is easy to spot the potential for a greater application of evidence-based policy-making

Academic researchers play a crucial role in helping society fully understand its past, analyse its present and weigh up its future, but when it com(...)

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