Hayden Thorpe

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Hayden Thorpe: “It was quite interesting to be the leather-clad frontman of quite a ballsy record, while at the same time feeling quite unnerved and a bit fractured.” Photograph: Liza Geddes

When Hayden Thorpe woke up in his hotel room the morning after the final Wild Beasts gig, he felt one prevailing emotion: relief. “Y’know, it felt lik(...)

Wild Beasts will play the Olympia Theatre, Dublin, on February 15th.

On November 19th, 2016, after the last date of their world tour ended in Mexico City, Wild Beasts sat down and had a conversation about splitting up. (...)

Hayden Thorpe: a unique vocalist. Photograph: Patrick O’Leary

**** There is a line in Wild Beasts’ most recent single, (...)

Wild Beasts:  Chris Talbot, Tom Fleming, Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little

When does a band go from being “good” to being “important”? For Wild Beasts it happened around 2011, when their third album, (...)