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Seven people died in clashes between Hizbullah, Amal and the Lebanese Forces in Beirut. Photograph: Hassan Ammar/AP

All three factions involved in Thursday’s clashes in Beirut, in which seven people died, have called for an investigation into the violence, although(...)

A man pushes his Mercedes past a closed petrol station in Dora, Lebanon, outside Beirut in  July. Photograph:   Bryan Denton/The New York Times

After more than a year without a fully functioning government, Lebanon’s bickering politicians on Friday agreed to form a 24-member cabinet. Lebanon’(...)

Israeli howitzers fire towards Lebanon from close to the northern town of Kiryat Shmona. Photograph: Jalaa Marey/AFP

Israel says it not seeking escalation after a cross-border exchange of fire on Friday with the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hizbullah militia. The Shia mi(...)

More than 200 people were killed and in excess of 6,000 injured in the Beirut blast that devastated the port area on August 4th, 2020. Photograph: EPA

A year after a massive blast devastated Beirut’s port and nearby neighbourhoods, Lebanese await a government to deal with the tragic results of the ex(...)

 The devastating explosion in the Lebanese port of Beirut   on August 4th, 2020.  Photographs: Moufac Harb/AFP/Getty Images

International, regional and Lebanese human rights groups have called on the UN Human Right Council to dispatch a commission to investigate last year’s(...)

Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad Hariri (right) and  Lebanese caretaker prime minister Hassan Diab  at the government palace in Beirut on December 11th.  Photograph: EPA/Dalati Nohra

As Lebanon reels from political, economic and coronavirus crises, Beirut has sustained fresh challenges on all three fronts. In a highly-controversi(...)

Lebanon had contained the spread of coronavirus from March to July, but cases began to soar in August after the port blast. Photograph: Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

Lebanon has entered a two-week lockdown as the country faces its worst ever political and economic crises, and Covid-19 cases have topped 100,000 with(...)

Saad Hariri: previously served as Lebanese prime minister from 2009-11 and from 2016-2020 but struggled to resolve the nation’s many problems. Photograph: Wael Hamzeh/EPA

Lebanon’s former prime minister Saad Hariri has been asked to form a salvation government to tackle the multiple crises his country faces. Presiden(...)

President Michel Aoun (right) meets German foreign minister Heiko Maas at the presidential palace in Baabda, east of the Lebanese capital. Photograph: Dalati/Nohra/Getty

Germany’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that Lebanon needed a government that can fight corruption and enact reforms as he toured Beirut port, sc(...)

Firefighters carry the coffin of their colleague Joe Noun, who was killed in the city’s massive blast, during his funeral at the fire station in Karantina neighbourhood near the port on Wednesday. Photograph: Getty

Ships have resumed discharging cargo at Beirut port while traumatised Lebanese continue to rail against corrupt rulers whose indifference and neglect (...)

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