Remainers showed ‘a lethal combination of arrogance and naivety’ ahead of the 2016 referendum. Photograph: Reuters/Henry Nicholls

The belated opening of the inquests into the deaths of 21 people in the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings reminds us of one of the IRA’s worst atrocities. (...)

 Luck egalitarianism provides a non-judgemental way of looking at disadvantage. Photograph: Reuters/Steve Marcus

In his new book Enlightenment Now, cognitive scientist Steven Pinker puts up a defence of inequality, arguing that liberals are overly fixated on the (...)

Head of US EPA Scott Pruitt fails ‘the BS test’.

My Collins Dictionary defines bulls**t as: “Exaggerated or foolish talk; nonsense” and my attention was arrested by the title of a recent scientific p(...)

Donal Trump  tweeted an infographic about crime which had it that 81 per cent of white murder victims were killed by black people. The source of this figure was given in the tweet as “the Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” - which turned out not to exist. File photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Dr Harry Frankfurt is the professor of bullshit at Princeton University. The esteemed analytic philosopher rose to this position due to a now famous e(...)

Confucius: China has a concept of humanity in the Confucian tradition that bears remarkable similarities to ours

The history of western civilisation has in part been a history of disputed personhood. At different times and in different contexts, certain categorie(...)