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A recent study found anxiety and depression occurred in between 16 per cent and 23 per cent of Covid-19 cases. File photograph: iStock

Our mental health is strongly influenced by what’s going on in the world, as well as by our personal commitments and constraints. It’s no surprise to (...)

‘The biggest risk is that of some over-75s becoming  so dependent on the safety of their own homes that emerging to reintegrate with society becomes more difficult.’ Photograph: iStock

As the rules around Covid-19 cocooning have eased, the route back to a semblance of normality hasn’t been a straight one. Among some older people, in(...)

 Liveline’s Joe Duffy has been urging his audience to wash their hands, using practically any opportunity to drive the message home.

Having presided over many fractious on-air arguments in his time, Joe Duffy is well used to asking people to keep their language clean. In the light o(...)

Claire Byrne presenting her show from her shed on Monday night. She has  coronavirus symptoms. Photograph: RTÉ

There was a time – a dim and distant era which ended roughly 10 days ago – when Claire Byrne presenting the country’s top current affairs series (RTÉ (...)

‘Smiling depression  provides a term that people can relate to.’ File image: Getty Images

Over the festive period, I came across the term “smiling depression” for the first time. A woman used it to describe the depression experienced by her(...)

Social connection for men in their 80s is crucial. Photograph: iStock

Áilín Quinlan talks to the experts about some of the main issues for men in their 80s, from malnutrition and dementia to digestive difficulties. Nutr(...)

Some level of yoga can be practised by people of any age and physical capacity. In your 80s it is especially beneficial for suppleness, balance and strength

Áilín Quinlan talks to experts about the big issues for 80-somethings, including the physical frailty associated with loss of muscle mass and strength(...)

Osteoporosis is a big issue  when a man reaches his seventies, says lifestyle medicine expert Dr Fiona O’Reilly. Symptoms may be bone pain and loss of height, she adds, but the condition can also be silent.

Our bodies, and our minds change as we go through life. Every decade brings its own physical and mental needs and challenges. So how do we make the mo(...)

Women in their 70s are advised to eat a nutritious diet and take various supplements

Áilín Quinlan talks to the experts about the big issues for 70-somethings, who face everything from inflammation, to loneliness and bereavement. Nutr(...)

Muscle loss: 'Counteract this with resistance training or weightlifting.' File photograph: iStockPhoto

Our bodies and our minds change as we go through life. Every decade brings its own physical and mental needs and challenges. So how do we go about mee(...)

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