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Both men and women are advised to cut  back on their alcohol  intake in their 30s as it can lead to problems when couples are trying for a baby.    Photograph: iStock

Our bodies and our minds change as we go through life. Every decade brings its own physical and mental needs and challenges. January is Hea(...)

Too much alcohol can have adverse effects on a young man’s mental health.

A look at what male 20-somethings should eat, the kind of exercise they need to take, the physical health issues they are likely to face, and the ment(...)

How can 20-somethings look after their health? Photograph: iStock

Áilín Quinlan looks at what women in their 20s should eat, the kind of exercise they need to take, the physical health issues they are likely to face,(...)

Healthy Town

Wexford town has been selected as the 2018 Pfizer Healthy Town. There’s a busy schedule of events planned for the autumn, aimed at helping lo(...)

Hubert McHugh with his Leitrim Person of the Year 2017 award and his colleague Valerie Cogan

Hubert McHugh says we need to change how we parent boys. “Fellows are in big bother in my estimation,” says the community mental health nurse who has (...)

Mental health has been defined as “a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses(...)

One of Dr Barry’s ‘golden rules’ is to try and get everyone who’s depressed to exercise for 30 minutes a day

With the State exams on the horizon, taking time out to exercise every day may be seen as a waste of good study time, but flexing those muscles or jus(...)

Hector Ó hEochagáin launches  Healthy Town 2016 in Newgrange Hotel, Navan, Co Meath last September. Photograph: Barry Cronin

A project aimed at raising awareness of health and wellbeing has led to an increase in people taking exercise and eating a healthy diet, a new survey(...)

We can, with a bit of discomfort, change ourselves. People do it all the time

It’s that time of year: we’re giving up things, being bombarded with detoxing tips, planning on getting thinner or fitter. But will it make us happy? (...)

Seán O’Keeffe: ‘What those baying for blood seem to fail to realise is that, now as in 2010 and 2013, the only way to ensure that authors and others receive what they are rightfully due is for the company to continue to trade successfully - which remains my first, and only, professional priority.’

The situation facing Liberties Press now is similar to two previous episodes in the company’s development. In November 2010, when my then business par(...)

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