Hans Rosling

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Traders at the New York Stock Exchange. Two-thirds of investors surveyed in the wake of the global financial crisis believed the S&P 500 fell in 2009; in reality, it soared 26 per cent. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A simple question to start: in the last 20 years, the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty has: (a) almost doubled; (b) re(...)

Microsoft founder Bill Gates: said Mr Rosling’s book “has especially useful insights for anyone who’s making the leap out of college and into the next phase of life”. Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters

What does every college graduate need? According to Bill Gates, it’s a compendium of statistics. This summer, the software billionaire is set to give (...)

French people, on average, spend three hours a day on meals compared to two hours in Sweden and Britain, and only one hour and 50 minutes in Ireland.

Over years of working in partnership with economists from other countries, I have noticed that French colleagues were always very reluctant to conduct(...)

If the Government signs up to the Open Government Partnership , it should start publishing data in machine-readable formats, alongside PDFs and search interfaces. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Knowledge is power and as transparency rises on the list of Government priorities, so too does the amount of related information in the public (...)